Alicja Marchewka

Alicja Marchewka

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

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February 2017 , Brian H. , Queens
My girlfriend and I were searching for apartments for a month or so, before we stumbled upon Alicja. She was a gem. She walked us through the process, met with us on numerous occasions, was extremely accommodating, funny, personable, and a sweetheart. After the lease was signed (no less than a week later) I contacted her to inquire about switching a few light fixtures. She not only responded back immediately but also spoke with the landlord and agreed to take care of the replacement, without a hitch. She really did go above and beyond and my girlfriend and I were very lucky to have found her. Thank you, Alicja!

February 2017 , Peter S. , Queens
Alicja was the agent me and my wife work with and she got us really nice apartment in Greenpoint at a great price. We will defenitely work with her in the future and recommend her to all of our friends.

February 2017 , Gena D. , Greenpoint
We had a really great experience signing a lease on an apartment with Alicja Marchewka. She was very helpful - super responsive, made sure we had all of our info correctly submitted, and was so nice! I would definitely recommend her to anyone and felt that she was really looking out for our best interests in the process. Thank you Alicja!

February 2017 , Wil B. , Queens
Renting made easy and comfortable. I Just signed a lease for a 2 bedroom apartment in NY and I couldn''t be more happy by the service I received from my agent. I worked with ALICJA MARCHEWKA, who was first of all pleasant and friendly and without a doubt a professional, organized and expedient agent. I was suprisrd how welcoming and approachable she was. In dealing with alot of real estate agencies I have encountered the fast talker or the walled off agent or the aloof agent, but she was very attentive. The process was streamlined and she kept her word. If she said she''ll be there....she was.
I highly recommend Native Realty, and ALICJA.

February 2017 , Nick P. , Greenpoint
Not your typical money hungry real estate agents. The people who work here, are real-deal, down to earth, totally relatable humans. They love what they do.
As soon as I saw the apt, I turned neurotic - texting and calling non-stop - because I loved/wanted it. Getting apartments in Brooklyn is crazy competitive, and Alicja Marchewka was super cool, and understood my insanity. In the end she/they came through, I got an awesome place to live, and the rest is history...thanks Native!

September 2016 by Patric F.
Alicja M. Professional service. everyone was very kind and honest. straight up, quick to answer emails and texts, no bullshit. nothing shady, as I found with other brokerst.They have some great apartments in Greenpoint and know a lot owners. they showed me a wonderful, below-market priced 1br, but it was in hot demand, of course, and the landlord didn''t pick me. within a few days they had other places available. I got a nice, cute place in my price range, rent stabilized. nicest studio I saw in Brooklyn. Got to look at it before anyone else and before t was advertised online. A+

September 2016 by Milena I. , Queens
Alicja helped me find my perfect apartment, she was so helpful and not like a Real Estate Agent in a good way, very honest, patient,,,,, will definitely keep her as my agent for any future Real Estate transactions

September 2016 by Lala L. , Queens
We worked with Alicja to find a 1br in Queens, she found us the perfect place! I saw another review saying she found the person something bigger, better and cheaper well that happened to us too.
Alicja is very professional and super nice, she works fast and communicates great.

September 2016 by F. L. , Queens
Alicja was able to find us a bigger, better and CHEAPER apt than we were initially looking at. Impossible, right?

She knew a few of the landlords personally which was both impressive and a big help. Always easy to get a hold of and responded back instantly. Would definitely use her again, except that we love our apartment and don''t plan on moving.

August 2016 by Amogh G , Greenpoint
Believe me, after a lot of house hunting and looking around , I found these people and that''s it. I found the place I was looking for.

The agent/ broker I worked with, Alicja was absolutely wonderful and never ever have I seen a more honest broker than her which is a rare thing. I would definitely go for her when I buy a house or rent a place in New York city.